• Bree Lightfoot

    Bree Lightfoot

    Bree is the wife of Nebin. She runs the accounting side of their business. She is constantly nagging Bree about every little thing.
  • Merric Lightfoot

    Merric Lightfoot

    Merric is the father of Bree. He used to run the business but that was ages ago. Now he is the stagecoach driver. Handy with a crossbow, and has a razor sharp tongue. He is grizzled and has no difficulty chiding all around him, but he loves his horses
  • Nebin Lightfoot

    Nebin Lightfoot

    Nebin is a younger but experienced merchant that has recieved a commission from the council of Kharon's crossing to make a trading trip to the western city of Kharon's Crossing. Eccentric sense of humor, but serous about making the best deals possible